“Come on! Come on board! And take yourself to the fairy tale world. ” The Polar Express will take you through Festive Laško.
The first stop is not far ahead, next to the Savinja River, at the Gingerbread House. The Kingdom of the Snow Queen follows, in the inner courtyard of the building at 3 Trubarjeva. You will learn about the story of the creation of the song Silent Night in Aškerc Square. At the skating rink on the other side of the Savinja River the Christmas tree awaits you longing for your words of admiration. Maybe the train will take you further up the North Pole, home to Santa Claus and dwarves.
Did you know that on Christmas Eve, before Santa Claus kicks his sleigh, he gives someone his first gift? On this day, the North Pole is crowded with dwarves. Santa’s helpers prepare gifts wrapped in colourful and shiny paper and arrange them in bags so that they do not fall into error. The dwarves know well that there is nothing worse than the wrong gift under the Christmas tree or, oh, even more horrible, a late-delivered gift. Santa Claus first gives presents to children on the island of Tonga, followed by New Zealand, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Finally, he gives presents to children in Hawaii, Samoa, Baker and Howland.
In the fairy tale, the main character receives the first gift. The boy wants a silver bell from Santa’s sleigh, but he loses it on the way home. There is a hole in the pocket of the boy’s robe. He is very sad about the loss. On Christmas morning, when the little boy and his sister Sarah are opening presents, the little sister sees a small box. It says the boy’s name. And there is a silver bell with the message: “I found this in the seat of my sleigh! Sew a hole in your pocket! B.” The boy shakes the bell. This is the most beautiful thing he has ever heard. Mom and dad say: “What a pity the bell is broken,” because they can’t hear its sound. The bells are only heard by those who really believe in Santa Claus.

Based on the fairy tale of The Polar Express of Chris Van Allsburg.

The Gingerbread man is one of the most important and well-known stories in the world treasure trove of classic tales.
The story is simple … The older couple would really like to have a baby, but unfortunately, this happiness is not in their favour. One day, the old woman thinks of something – if she and her husband cannot have children, she will bake one. The old woman kneads the dough and makes a gingerbread man. When baked she garnishes it with candied cherries and candy. But talk of the devil, the gingerbread man suddenly jumps off the baking sheet and runs out the window. The old man, the old woman, a snake, a cat and a stork follow him. The latter three would gladly eat it but cannot catch it. In the end, the cunning fox catches him with cunning kindness.
The gingerbread man who lives in the little house in front of you is more fortunate than the hero in the fairy tale. The fox just sniffed at him, since he was still on the clock, so he still lives and rejoices in life today. He’s met Mrs. Gingerbread, and they put together the little gingerbread men. Take a peek into their lodge to see how they like it.

Based on the story The Gingerbread Man by Maja Brodschneider Kotnik.

The heroin of the story is little Gerda, who through her kindness and selflessness defeats the ruler of the ice kingdom and saves the spell of her beloved friend Kai.
Gerda and Kai are inseparable friends, who are connected by the joy of everything beautiful. Then Kai changes overnight: bits of enchanted mirror stick into his eye and heart that make all things suddenly look sinister. So finally he no longer believes in the beauty of fairy tales and fairy beings. However, one winter, he is tempted by a chariot carrying the Snow Queen, who takes him to his ice kingdom. Gerda can’t cope with the loss, so she goes out of her way after a missing friend …
The book is written after the famous Andersen fairy tale that fascinates with its teaching. The story shows unobtrusively how we can overcome every problem or obstacle if we keep love in our hearts.

Based on the fairy tale of The Snow Queen of Hans Christian Andersen.

In the parish church in Oberndorf, the organs break down just before Christmas (the mice are probably to blame). They go looking for a replacement part in nearby Salzburg, but are forced to turn on their way because of heavy snow. So on Christmas Eve, the home parish priest and the village teacher are sitting in the room, discussing what they could do to keep the Christmas mass from going clean without the organs. There should be some musical accompaniment. The pastor looks out at the snow-covered slopes and quiet village, and begins to write the song: “Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright …” The teacher quickly sits at the piano and adds a tune.

They write the song and the choir performs it at midnight that night with the guitar.
So much for the story, and now some more history and facts:
The song was created in 1818, the next year it was known all over Austria, and then quickly spread around the world.
The pastor and songwriter was Joseph Mohr and the composer and teacher was Franz Xaver Gruber.
The song and the parish priest actually wrote the song in a neighbouring village called Arnsdorf with a teacher at home, and the baptismal performance was in the village of Oberndorf.
In German, the song begins with the words “Stille Nacht”, which literally means “peaceful night”.
The village of Oberndorf bei Salzburg is located about 20 km north of Salzburg, just off the German border that runs along the Salzach River.

There was a small fir tree in the forest, eager to grow and grow large as soon as possible. It dreams of how it will be when it is tall, like other trees. How it will spread its branches and look around. It complains, “Grow and get tall and old, this is the only beautiful thing in the world.” When the loggers arrived in the fall, they cut down some of the largest trees that, in a few moments, had no branches and lay thin on the ground. The fir tree watched the events and asked them where they were going. In the spring, however, the birds had told it that the trunks of the trees were then navigating the wide seas, as they served for the sails of the ships, which were spread over them.
People come again for the winter, who cut down some fir trees and load them, like bushy ones, with branches, onto trucks. “Where are they taking them so beautiful and shimmering?” It asks. “We know that!” Sparrows chirp. “They are taken to houses and decorated in the middle of a warm room with apples, gingerbread, candy in colourful papers and candles.” “Then what?” asks the tree. “Unfortunately we didn’t see another,” they reply. “Oh,” the fir tree sighs dreamily. “If I could stand in the room too, in all this splendour.” A burning desire has come true for our fir too, for it stands here before you in all the luxury. All that matters is that it hears your words of admiration very well. We also trust you, the more beautiful words and praises you speak, the nicer the tree will become.

Based on the fairy tale The Fir Tree of Hans Christian Andersen.

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